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Customizable HEP With Progressions

Customizable Home Exercise Programs (HEP) are an essential part of many patients’ rehabilitation journeys.

Discharge To Maintenance Program

We offer a Discharge to Maintenance program to help patients maintain the gains they’ve made during their rehabilitation journey .

New Grad Peer Review With Education

We believe in investing in the ongoing education and professional development of our staff, including our new graduate employees.

PT/OT Assessment

We provide comprehensive physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) services to help our patients recover from injuries.


Hydrotherapy is a form of rehabilitation that uses water to help patients recover from injuries, surgeries, or other medical conditions. 

Ergonomic Assessment

We offer ergonomic assessments to help individuals identify and address potential ergonomic hazards in their work environment.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is an important tool in the field of healthcare that allows healthcare professionals to identify and diagnose medical conditions.

Not Sure What You Need?

Simply give us a call and book an appointment for yourself. We are here to help. Walk into our clinic and let us take a closer look to suggest the best treatment you need.